Elise Trexler: Journalism Portfolio

About Me

I work with sophomore Emily Chambliss on a story she wrote for the website. (Photo by Zoya Zalevskiy)

My name is Elise Trexler and I am a senior at West Henderson High School. I am the Editor-in-Chief of Wingspan, the newspaper, and a feature writer for Westwind, the yearbook.

According to my mom, I have been talking since I was six months old (in incoherent baby babble, but talking nonetheless). I have always loved communicating with people, so it was quite serendipitous that I ended up taking journalism my freshman year. I have learned so much about my school, county, state and country through my journalistic endeavors, and I am excited to pursue some form of journalism in my career, or at the very least to continue using the diverse skillset it has given me.

I perform the Grand Pas de Deux as the Sugarplum Fairy in the Hendersonville Ballet’s 2019 Nutcracker. (Photo by Areli Perez)

Other Inspirations

Journalism is all about storytelling. I have become so passionate about telling people’s stories that it has influenced my other passion – dance. Before I became enthralled by the world of journalism, I merely memorized steps. My study of telling stories has allowed my dancing to become more about expression and the art it is supposed to be instead of boring routine. There are countless other areas of my life which journalism has helped me improve, but it is most apparent in dance.

Banner photos:

Left: I sit in the back room working on the website. (Photo by Zoya Zalevskiy)

Top middle: Junior Brooks-Austin Boline, sophomores Emily Chambliss and Audrey Hood and I wait for our quiz bowl round at the 2020 Southern Interscholastic Press Association (SIPA) convention. (Photo by Jason Livingston)

Top right: I pose before walking out with the homecoming court at West Henderson’s homecoming game against Enka. (Photo by Pat Shrader)

Bottom middle: I pose in downtown Columbia, S.C. (Photo by Zoya Zalevskiy)

Bottom right: I stand at the storyboard for Wingspan’s second print issue to brief staff members on their assignments. (Photo by Brenda Gorsuch)

You can email me at elisetrexler@gmail.com.