This is the center spread for our second print issue this year, which I wrote and designed. I wanted to play with white space since our paper looks packed with content and messy sometimes. I used spot color off the locker to unify the design, as well as the same font to keep things consistent.

This was a pro/con opinion piece for issue 1, which won “best in show” for op/ed designs at the 2020 Southern Interscholastic Press Association (SIPA) convention. It was originally just two blocks of text and a boring headline, but I found this picture of President Trump and thought it would be a nice design element since he is looking right at the top of the pro section. I also designed the headline to grab readers’ attention.

Last summer, I worked on The Rush staff at the North Carolina Scholastic Media Association (NCSMA) Summer Institute. The Rush is the newspaper about the conference, and it is newsprint instead of the newsmagazine style to which I am accustomed. I got to learn how newsprint was set up and designed the front page, including the graph at the bottom.

This is a story from issue 3 last year. I had a lot of fun playing with the headline design on it to make it effective. I aligned the cutout so it would direct the reader’s eye to the beginning of the story.

This was my first solo design and it led me to find one of my favorite parts of designing for newsmagazine: headlines. I used the Shrek font because the story was about the musical “Shrek Jr.,” and to this day, this is still one of my favorite headlines I have ever designed.

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