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I like posting stories, and I like posting them faster than everyone else. I acquired this attitude last year as Web Editor-in-Chief. I post press releases, such as this one linked here about the men’s basketball head coach resigning, and a variety of other styles as well. Although my favorite online story is pictured below, here is another one of my highlights. Our county started an apprenticeship program where students could participate in a paid apprenticeship while being enrolled in college. I attended the signing and conducted interviews there to post it quickly. I also make sure we cover topics important to the community, such as voting and politics, so that we attract readers outside of the school.

On Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018, a bear was spotted in a nearby neighborhood and our school went into a code yellow lockdown. As soon as it happened, I began to collect interviews, knowing it would be a great story. I wrote it with the help of another writer, and posted it that same day.

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