When I took on the task of reviving Wingspan Online, the site was in shambles. It needed about 30 updates, some of which were to little things like themes, and some of which were to WordPress itself. I liked to call it my gilded baby because uploading one picture could cause it to fall apart. It was riddled with coding errors and outdated code, which I had no idea how to fix.

This forced me to be creative, curious and willing to ask for help.

I called the WordPress support line and they helped with some of the problems, but I also had to contact a former editor who I had never met before to help me figure out some of the more complex coding.

We eventually got the website working, and I made it my goal to post at least once a day to keep our audience engaged. I achieved that goal, and on our best day, I posted six stories.

I wanted to do more with our social media presence, as that’s where many kids in our generation choose to live their lives. We had an inactive Twitter, which I decided to use for live game updates (left) and posting about new stories on the website (right). I also try to retweet anything that comes from the Henderson County accounts relevant to our school.

I also created the Wingspan Instagram page. I have used Instagram to reach out and see what our audience would like to read about in print and online (left), and to encourage them to read our latest stories and vote on polls (right). A lot of our readers like polls, especially when they are related to a big story, so I promote those as well.

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