Although I would not call myself a photographer by any stretch of the imagination, I have taken a few photos when we’re in a pinch. I try to get angles that will suit the story, but I am not an expert. I have a lot of respect for the art of photojournalism–being able to tell a story without using words at all. This is my best sample of photos that have been published in print.

Seventh grader Gage Filipovic sings “What’s Up, Duloc?” for “Shrek Jr.” as Lord Farquaad during a dress rehearsal.
Donkey, played by sixth grader AJ Hernandez (left), and Shrek, played by eighth grader Ryder Pond (right) meet for the first time during a  dress rehearsal.
Sophomore Madison Hall fills in a Scantron sheet for English teacher Matthew Parent’s class.

These are my best online photos.

Knowing the topics of the center spreads in these issues, it was my job to come up with a cover design. I collaborated with Rachel Ball (left) and Zoya Zalevskiy (right) to stage these photos. I did not take them, but I directed them.

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